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Meet Miranda

Miranda is a people person. She is known for her kindness, patience, and easy-going nature. Miranda is from Duluth, Minnesota. She appreciates hometown values and safe communities where everyone knows each other. She is not afraid to get out of her comfort zone, try new things, and meet new people. Hence her reason for moving to Grand Forks, North Dakota, for college. She is an alumna of Delta Gama, where she gained lifelong friendships and connections. Miranda is a multi-tasker and enjoys working in fast-paced environments. She enjoys boating, art, traveling, sports, entertainment, food, and beauty. She is a dog lover and enjoys being a dog mom to her Westie, Lola.

Miranda comes from a family of four: her mom (Laura), dad (Todd), and younger brother (Brady). She has lived on a lake in Duluth, Minnesota, for nearly her entire life. Her mom works for nonprofits, and her dad owns JR Jensen Construction CompanyHer parents have been her inspiration, and this is where she learned the importance of hard work and the results of being dedicated to achieving goals.  

Miranda attended Hermantown Schools K-12, where she spent a lot of time watching and playing sports. She played soccer from the time she was four until her last varsity game. After that, Miranda played on several teams, including Hermantown, Hermantown Dynasty Summer League, Gitchi Gummi Competitive, and St. Scholastica Indoor Soccer League. She hopes to get back into the soccer organization and coach a team one day. She was also on a JV/Varsity Cross Country in 6-8th grade and Varsity Track from 8th-Junior Year. Her favorite event in track was the 4x400 relay. She also participated in Open 400, Open 800, 4X800 relay, and the occasional one mile. 

Hermantown is known for its hockey program. The varsity team made it to state from 2010-2017 when she graduated. Going to the State Tournament in St. Paul was always a highlight of the school year. She worked at the Hermantown Hockey arena concession stand and spent time hanging out with the players and hockey families. 

Besides sports, Miranda has spent a lot of time in the art room throughout high school. She took just about every art class offered.  She was even able to join the independent art study where she could be creative and do the kind of art she enjoyed at her own time and pace. 

Making her decision on where to attend college was easy. Miranda wanted to leave Duluth but be somewhat close to home. She toured the University of North Dakota and fell in love as she stepped on campus. She loved the sports atmosphere, the beautiful campus, and how close it was to home. 

UND is known for its big Greek life. Miranda never thought she was the kind of person to join a sorority but ended up signing up the day before recruitment started. After learning about the values, connections, and philanthropies of each sorority, she ended up joining the house at the top of her list. The friendships and experiences she gained throughout her four years in the Delta Gamma Chapter shaped her into the person she is today. 

Miranda chose a major in marketing because of how diverse the career path could be. She enjoys being creative, working with others, and learning new innovative ideas. She strives to learn new things every day. Her goal is to build confidence, get out of her comfort zone and help people turn ideas into action.

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